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In 2022, Nactal.org demonstrated exceptional accuracy in predicting Senate and Governor races, nearly perfectly anticipating the GOP’s final House seat count.

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Other Exciting Features:

  • 2024 Senate Forecast: Breakdowns of both parties’ chances to secure a majority in 2024, updated daily until the election! Explore
  • Biden Approval Tracker: An exclusive offering from RacetotheWH, featuring our Presidential Election Polling Average and a new electoral college map for every matchup with daily updates.

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Overview of the Kentucky Governor Race

In the 2019 election, Governor Andy Beshear clinched victory by a mere 5,000 votes, marking the narrowest margin for a Kentucky Governor since 1899. While the former Attorney General conducted a formidable campaign, his success was, in part, attributed to the unpopularity of former Governor Bevin’s cuts to education and healthcare. These measures alienated swing voters and galvanized Democratic support at the polls.

As Beshear vies for a second term, the challenge is evident. He must now win based on his individual merits and appeal to a substantial number of Republicans to cross party lines in support of his candidacy. This endeavor poses difficulties, considering that Kentucky tends to favor Republicans by a 30% margin in federal elections, particularly without a Republican figure in the White House.

Governor of Kentucky, General Election
Andy Beshear, the Democratic governor, is a candidate for reelection and will compete against Attorney General Daniel Cameron in the general election.
Possibility of Winning the Election

Governor of Kentucky, General Election

However, dismissing Beshear outright would be a mistake for the GOP. Beshear starts the race with one of the country’s highest gubernatorial approval ratings, as highlighted by a Morning Consult poll indicating that nearly half of Republicans endorse his performance. Kentucky’s history adds an intriguing twist, as the state has consistently elected Democratic Governors despite its decisive support for Republicans in Presidential elections. Over the past three decades, six out of the last eight Governors have been Democrats, with the last two successfully securing re-election.

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