Former President’s Admission Reveals Knowledge of Capitol Mob

Former President Donald Trump’s newly released audio interview with Jonathan Carl has revealed a startling admission about his knowledge of the power he held over the mob that stormed the Capitol. In the interview, Trump acknowledges the size and support of the crowd that gathered in Washington on that fateful day.

The Size and Significance of the Crowd

Trump emphasizes that the size of the crowd was never reported accurately, claiming it was the biggest crowd he had ever spoken in front of. He believes that the people who went to Washington that day did so because they believed the election was rigged.

Trump’s Desire to Go to the Capitol

Trump expresses his desire to go to the Capitol during the interview but reveals that the Secret Service advised against it. He even suggests that he considered going back to the Capitol during the chaos to stop the problem himself, but the Secret Service did not approve of this idea.

The Riot and Trump’s Knowledge

Testimony from White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson confirms Trump’s frustration and desire to go to the Capitol. Hutchinson recounts how Trump reached towards the front of the vehicle to grab the steering wheel, indicating his determination to go to the Capitol.

Former President Trump’s willingness to join a mob that he knew was armed demonstrates his awareness of their presence and their intentions. The rioters themselves have admitted to hanging on every word Trump said, implying that his influence played a significant role in their actions.

Trump’s Inaction and the January 6th Select Committee

The January 6th Select Committee has extensively investigated Trump’s involvement in the events leading up to the Capitol riot. They argue that Trump’s 187 minutes of inaction after his speech at the Ellipse, followed by a video calling for the mob to go home without taking any meaningful action to stop the violence, is evidence of his dereliction of duty.

Trump’s Criminal Case and the Overseeing Judge

Judge Tanya Chutkan, overseeing the federal election interference case, has rejected Trump’s attempt to remove references to the riot from the indictment. This decision affirms that the violence at the Capitol is an integral part of the case against Donald Trump.

Additionally, Speaker Mike Johnson has announced that the security footage of the January 6th attack will be made available to the public. This includes footage previously given to Fox News host Tucker Carlson by Speaker Kevin McCarthy. The release of this footage raises concerns about potential misuse and threats to security.

In conclusion, the audio interview and the evidence presented by the January 6th Select Committee highlight the extent of Trump’s knowledge and involvement in the Capitol riot. His admission of wanting to go to the Capitol, combined with his inaction and the subsequent violence, solidify the case against him. The court proceedings will reveal the full extent of Trump’s role in this disturbing event.

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