United States Supreme Court Breaking News: Court Finds Trump Engaged in Insurrection, but Denies Disqualification

The recent ruling by District Court Judge Sarah B. Wallace in the disqualification case against Donald Trump has caused quite a stir. In a surprising turn of events, Judge Wallace found that Trump was indeed engaged in an insurrection on January 6, 2021. However, she denied the petition to disqualify him under the 14th Amendment … Read more

Former President’s Admission Reveals Knowledge of Capitol Mob

Former President Donald Trump’s newly released audio interview with Jonathan Carl has revealed a startling admission about his knowledge of the power he held over the mob that stormed the Capitol. In the interview, Trump acknowledges the size and support of the crowd that gathered in Washington on that fateful day. The Size and Significance … Read more

US Issues Warning of Retaliation Against Iran, Conducts Airstrikes in Syria

Latest Updates on USA News and Israel-Hamas Conflict | N18L Both sides of regularly acknowledge the importance of leader-level channels of communication to manage this most consequential bilateral relationship. President Biden has stated multiple times that he hopes to see President Xi in the near future. Concerns Raised During the meetings, the US has raised … Read more

Investing in America’s Railroads: A Historic Announcement

The Importance of Railways in America America’s railroads have always played a vital role in the nation’s infrastructure and economy. They connect cities and communities, facilitate trade, and provide a means of transportation for millions of people every day. Without a modern and efficient rail system, America cannot truly be a great nation. President Biden’s … Read more

American Troops in Israel: What You Need to Know

The Presence of American Troops in Israel Israel has been a topic of much discussion and debate in recent times, particularly with regards to the presence of American troops in the country. Many people are surprised to learn that there are indeed American troops on the ground in Israel. While the exact nature of their … Read more

South Florida Communities Grapple with Economic Struggles

South Florida is a vibrant and diverse region that offers a lot to its residents. From beautiful beaches to a thriving arts scene, there’s something for everyone. However, beneath the surface, many communities in South Florida are grappling with economic struggles that are affecting the daily lives of its residents. The Housing Crisis One of … Read more

Analysis of the 2024 Senate Race for President and Critical Elections

For analysis on the 2024 race for president as well as some critical elections happening tomorrow, we turn to our politics Monday team. Joined by Amy Walter of the Cook Political Report and Tamra Keith of NPR, they provide valuable insight into the current political landscape. 2020 Frontline: Biden vs. Trump The New York Times … Read more

Former President Trump Testifies in $250 Million Civil Fraud Trial

Former President Trump took the stand in New York defending himself in the $250 million civil fraud trial brought by state attorney general Letitia James. The former president wasted little time sparring with the judge, sounding off repeatedly from the witness stand. The judge largely ignored the barbs directed his way but warned the former … Read more

I am nancy cordes in washington, d.c. and welcome to america decides

Former President Trump continues to hold a commanding lead over his GOP rivals in the 2024 race, according to a new poll. With 64% of primary voters saying they would vote for Trump today, he remains far ahead of his closest competitor, Ron DeSantis, who is trailing at 18%. This data comes from a poll … Read more

Why Trump is Leading in the Presidential Race: Analyzing the Poll Numbers

The 2024 Presidential race is heating up, and the latest poll numbers have raised some eyebrows. According to a recent New York Times poll, former President Donald Trump is leading in five of the six most important battleground states, with margins ranging from 4% to 10%. President Joe Biden, on the other hand, is only … Read more